As a photographer, the first thing you see is an image. But storytelling is so much more than just that. Specially for foundations, Daniel believes that it's important to tell the full story. Looking at what is really there instead of creating the story you’d like to see.
Each and every assignment is different and therefore the story will need its own approach. Using soundscapes, voiceover, embedded videos, maps and written words can all add to the narrative.
To reach the best possible outcome Daniel uses the pageflow platform, but is always looking out for different possibilities.
Besides this, he is also convinced stories need to be told in an offline form, which he does with photo-books, exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Online examples

An ongoing story in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Commissioned by Breath care for kids.

Using black & white for impact, sound for depth and text for the background story.
As Daniel returns to Ukraine several times, each return gets its own chapter.

An ongoing story in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Commissioned by Reach Out 2 and KIOCH

Using color for the story, sound for depth and text for the background information.
As Daniel returns to Nepal several times, each return gets its own chapter.

A story created in Nepal.
Commissioned by Dopper Foundation.

Map navigation, different chapters for clear overview, soundscapes, text, video and links, for this story Daniel used it all to get a proper outline of the complete story.


A story created in Mankulam, Sri Lanka.
Commissioned by Havonos foundation.

A story in color images, with soundscapes for depth and a voice over to explain the narrative. Links to commisioner and Daniel are on the last page.

A story created in Dang region, Nepal.
Commissioned by Reach out too

Using color photos, combined with music composed by Erik Schoonderwoerd for this specific story and short text to explain the narrative.

A story created in Cusco, Peru.
Commissioned by Abrazos foundation.