Whether it is for a conference, a festival or a series of events; a lot of the time your work can be brought to light through a reportage. the images can be used for a website or folder, but they can also be strategically used for social media, newsletters or a campagne leading up to the next event. The reportages I shoot, stand out because of my engaged, humorous and close up approach.

Pure & Crafted Festival

For GoodGuyz, who produced this festival, I was asked to capture the atmosphere, the contrast of modern technique and the old venue, the motorbikes and the public. As the festival was organised by my favourite motor brand BMW and consisted out of music, food and most important motorbikes, I was more then happy to do so.

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24 hour chefs

24/7 Star Events leading man Tjitze van der Dam, asked me to be one of the photographers who captures part of the 24 hours in which he has Michelin starred chefs cooking for the cause. During the several 9 course meals taking place, money is being raised for the Red Cross.

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Kikid is a foundation who develops theater and conversational programs in order to start the conversation with young adolescents about subjects that matter to them like alcohol, drugs, relations and sexuality, social media, money and debt peerpressure and (cyber) bullying. For the past 4 years I have been photographing their work.

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Several times a year Extress organises a day of Moto-Ghymkana, a motor event in which you ride a course, consisting of different figures that are plotted with colored pylons. Agility, driving skills and fun are paramount! Extress asked me to capture several of their events, the gymkhana being one of them.

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World Justice Forum

For several years I had the pleasure to work with the justice project, who held their four day Justice Forum in The Hague. My assignment was to capture the lectures, the outbreak sessions, the people and to deliver the photos the same evening in order to be used the next day.

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Harbour Club

When the Harbour club Amsterdam had its opening, I was asked to photograph the preparations and the festivities during their first event. It was a great day where high society had the chance to celebrate a new location where they could meet.

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