As a professional wanderer it's important to travel light but work with the best materials. Since May 2011 Daniel has been working together with Transcontinenta BV, importer of Leica in the Netherlands. He gives lectures, workshops on photography and he experiments with the different cameras and lenses of the Leica M series. 

Most of his work is done with a Monochrom and a M240, combined with a 35mm Summicron (f2.0) and a 50mm Summicron (f2.0) lens. It's Daniel's standard kit. He uses the Electronic View Finder to turn the M into a top viewer camera, while shooting portraits. It assures the direct contact between the photographer and his subject, as no camera is put in front of his face and therefore between him and the subject. A flash is rarely used, as he likes the feel of available light and well... who uses a flash on a Leica rangefinder? For special projects he often brings an extra lens, like the 75mm Summicron for a project with autistic children in Peru or the 24mm Summilux during his three weeks stay in a mental hospital in Malawi. In some cases it can even be a separate camera like the water- and dust proof Leica XU that he used during Holi in Jodhpur