What cameras am I using and why? How do I combine my personal projects and making money? How do you pick your stories? So many question and each of these can be a lecture on it’s own. Whether it’s the story of one particular journey or a reflexion on the way I live my life and practice the standards I believe in, I love to take people with me in my world of wandering and wonder. For any bookings please contact me.

Below a small peak into my life as a photographer. It’s the content of a folder on my computer where I stash photos that people have taken of me while working and that they have send me. I don’t remember who made every photo (most of them I do though). For as far as I know, credits go to (in a random order): Sander van Weert, Helene Wiesehaan, Ruha Devanesan, Joshua Smith, Liesbeth Nagelkerke, Maartje Grond, Dennis Luijer, Marc Brouwer, Chris Fohr, Tatiana Pavlenko, Sacha, Remcovan der Kruis, Shyam Chaudhary and the occasional selfie ;-)
I would love to credit you if you are not in the list and you’ve recognised your photo like. Please let me know!!