Hope for a Generation

The exhibition was held in Gallery “De Gang” in the centre of Haarlem. During opening night one of my befriended chefs made special little bites and we had local beer and special wine. But the way we raised money for the cause, was a lot more elaborate. We had 5 Michelin starred chefs preparing a 5 course meal for a hundred people. Staff of the restaurants the chefs worked were serving out together with the people that worked at Jansje! - a store and lunchroom where people who are mentally challenged work and part organiser of this event as well. One of our best local florists decorated the tables, a local wine importer arranged the perfectly matching wines, for people that loved beer there was the local beer and the whole church where the event was held was lit with a special light show. We had famous and less famous artist playing between courses and there was a goody bag for everyone.

The video was shot by Menno van Loon who has helped me out before with the video of my star cheffed book release and all photos below were shot by Jesaja Hizkia.

I am still grateful for all the people that have helped me to pull this event off and feel really good about the fact that together we were able to raise that money.