Extraordinary colourful

Even though I have tried to create categories in which most of my work can be subdivided, there are still even more series of photos, moments in time and assignments I’ve done, that can’t be fitted in any of them. So therefore I have created this category. These are images of special people I have met, events, athletes, specific cultures, artists, of which I felt the need to still show them in my portfolio.

Second line in New Orleans

New Orleans is a buzzing place. Since I come from a musical family, visiting this place has always been high on my wish list. When the time finally came, one of my priorities was to witness an actual second line. Little did I know that I would be swallowed by an ongoing fest which took me through a large part of the city.

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Dutch DJ’s in New York

While I was staying in New York, the legendary Dutch DJ duo Dirt Caps were there as well to do some (radio) shows, but mostly to write and co-write more new tracks with talented American musicians. I was lucky enough to be granted a behind the scenes view of their creative process and to witness the awesome synergy that happens when you fill a small room with artist that just learn to know each other.

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Team Para Atletics

My friend Guido coaches top athletes with a handicap. At the end of 2017 he started his own foundation to promote and train para-athletes to the highest level. I was honoured to not only be able to photograph his athletes at training but to help him create the website for this awesome initiative.

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Colourful Jodhpur

I can’t imagine a photographer that doesn’t want to experience and capture the buzz and the colours that fill the average Radjastani city in North-West India during the Holi festival. Coloured powder covering beautiful people, wearing just as beautiful clothes, celebrating the victory of good over evil and the arrival of spring. A challenge for all photographic equipment, results almost always in extraordinary images.

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Sri Lankan tea

Never in my life, I’ve liked coffee. Unfortunately, as I love the rituals that come with it. Tea on the other hand is something I do enjoy. Very much so. I have cultivated the rituals that come with having tea. While traveling Sri Lanka, of course I had to visit some of the tea plantations near Nuwara Elya to capture the life of workers and to actually see how one of my daily delights is actually being harvested.

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Sultan’s violin

Every now and again, by accident you walk into somebodies life who has the power to enchant you for a while and leave you with wonder. Sultan was one of these people. I met Sultan in New Orleans while at home and I was taken to the roof. There I was treated with dance, beautiful violin music and the kindest heart you can imagine.

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