My work mainly consists of being in the moment. Most of the time I have no idea what’s coming and even more important, I have no set goal to reach while doing what I do. That way, the people that I photograph can relax completely, as they don’t have to live up to any expectations. For me it also generates the freedom to use my intuition, experience and gut feeling, to document the story that is revealing itself right in front of me. Working this way, would almost contradict the idea of having dreams. Having those little dots on the horizon. But I still have them. These are ideas that are in my system, that I wake up with every day… I just don’t know how to make them a reality… YET. Of course if you have any idea how you can join in one of these dreams, please let me know.

On the other hand, if you have a dream that you would like to have captured… and you trust my skills and experience - and maybe even more important you feel comfortable enough - to let go of all purpose and control… Please don’t hesitate to contact me, as I am convinced that we can find some way to make dreams come true.


Africa Burn

There is an African equivalent of the burning man festival, in South Africa. I can hear this festival whisper my name in the distance, calling out for me to get there and capture this amazing festival. That on its own, could have been a dream. But I got my motor licence this year and another dream is to capture the uniqueness of humanity. Uniqueness as we look so much alike. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your cultural background really is, we all need love and shelter. We all have the need to be seen and heard. We all eat, sleep and believe in our own ways. So I was thinking: what if I ride a motorbike to Africa Burn, and along the way, I capture this uniqueness of human kind in a personal project. And I could even - if and when that happens - work for some organisations and foundations along the way.


Middle East

Looking at people and situations without expectations or purpose, but more in awe is what - I was told - makes my photography stands out. For me one of the reasons that is the case, is my curiosity and my indifference towards the answers to that curiosity. Not that I don’t care about the outcome… I do! But I feel no judgment towards any outcome. Thereby I am always fascinated by how much we all look alike as human beings. You can read that in my “Africa Burn Dream” as well.
The Middle East has been the centre of conflict for as long as I can remember. Still, I am convinced that here to, people are more a like, than they are different. And I have a very concrete concept - and therefor a dream - to show this visually and maybe even in other ways as well.


Royal Enfield

My whole bike riding adventure started at the end of February 2017, when - illegally ‘cause without licence’ - I rode around on a Royal Enield in Goa, India. This is also the moment I knew that I had to get my licence as a new dream was born instantly: Buying a Royal Enfield in India and driving it back to Amsterdam. I know, it has all kinds of buts and what ifs and all that… But I want it! I really want it! November 2018 I was on assignment in Nepal for KIOCH and again, I rode a Royal Enfield - this time having a licence - across the mountains of Nepal. The dream hasn’t gone… I can see myself cruising, meeting people and collecting stories along the way.



During many of my travels and also while on assignments, I have met these incredible strong women. Women that made a huge change in their society, city or even country. As written in previous dreams on this page, I’m fascinated by the equality of human beings all over this planet. For me that means I’m equally fascinated by the fact that so many people in this world can only see in terms of better than or lesser than. This is why ‘we’ know racial profiling, religious conflict and inequality of the sexes. The last being the one in this particular dream, I would like to know more about. I have an idea, a concept, a dream, on how I could visualise the struggle for-, but even more the rise of women equality.