Walk for water / by Daniel Maissan

Later on this same week, our team of the dopper foundation travels away from Kathmandu to 'cleaner' areas up in the mountains.  We have to walk quite a bit before we reach the small community that will host us for the night. This little village – more a one-horse-town – soon will have its own source of water. For now, we spend the night here in order to capture the long walk people make every single morning in order to get clean water. Adults and children of maybe a third my age, walk down the mountain every morning for about half an hour. At the source they fill up empty bottles of coke, jerrycans that can hold 25 liter or even metal jugs which are heavy enough on their own. After that the climb back to the village, taking at least an hour this time. I’ve tried one of these jugs myself and I couldn’t take more then 4 steps before I succumbed.