Soenita / by Daniel Maissan

During this week I'm following 3 families up close and personal. Today moved me deeply. I had the privilege to follow Soenita and her father for the day. Soenita is a five year old girl who is raised solely by her sixty-one year old father, as her mother left the house to get remarried, since she was one and a half years old . 
The amount of love these two have for each other was overwhelming and made me tear up a bit every now and again. At six in the morning I arrived to witness their morning rituals after which I followed Soenita to the school for which Reach Out Too (through CPN) provides the tuition. In the afternoon we briefly returned to the house to see how her father - while she is at school - tries to make a living for them both as a potter, creating and selling beautiful pottery for as little as $0,50 a piece, as the competition in the village is fierce.