New contract / by Daniel Maissan

Sometimes a solution for a problem you have comes through an unexpected channel.

As many around me know, I have been experimenting quite a bit in the past when it comes down to invoices, price per hour, project prices, pay what you can, barter deals etc etc etc. And for some reason I never completely found what I was looking for. Coming back from my 9 month journey around the world, I knew this problem would present itself once again.

Also I knew I wanted to do things different. More sustainable, better, more social, more conscious. So I switched to a new bank that is - as far as that is possible for a bank - more sustainable. I switched the company that provides my gas & electricity and I got rid of more stuff that I don't need. 

While I was doing my research on these topics - and more so, while procrastinating on my Facebook page- I suddenly read an article about a design company called Segura and their standard contract. Besides the fact that they've done some really awesome stuff, they pretty much nailed it with their contract. So I e-mailed them, asking if I could copy their contract to use as my own standard contract. Funnily enough I could even help them out with their website a bit, as they are using the same Squarespace template as I am and they had a question about it... win-win  if you ask me!