Garbage in Kathmandu / by Daniel Maissan

For a project of the Dopper Foundation, I'm working in Nepal with three other storytellers: Sander - a documentary maker, Marieke - a writer and Sef - a musician. We're capturing stories - each in our own way - about water and garbage. You can see all our stories at  

It’s 5.30 AM when my alarm wakes me out of a deep sleep. The reason it was set this early, is a – semi illegal – excursion to a landfill outside of Kathmandu. Trucks full of trash arriving every couple of minutes, dumping the garbage on a mountain of waste. Many women work on this mountain as a ‘freelancer’, sorting out plastic bottles, cardboard, latex and any other materials they can sell on to recycle factories in mostly India. It is impressive to see and I can’t even remotely explain the smell that penetrates your nose, basically disabling you to do what ever you want to do.


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