Exhibition / by Daniel Maissan

This Saturday I had the privilege to open my own exhibition at Gallery Olivijn, which is part of Michelin starred restaurant Olivijn. Instead of putting on large prints on display, this time I decided to use smaller prints. But…. a lot of them. In total there’s a bit over 130 images on display, from different stories. Some older, some more new and all of them printed on a thick matte paper, nailed to the wall with thin pins.

I can’t describe properly how it feels to have all your images physically in your hand, instead of on the screen of your computer. And having people actually standing in front of them - wether it’s short or for a long time - is very different from seeing the statistics of your website visits or your instagram likes.

All in all… a good weekend.

Photos: Tessa van der Staal en Saskia van der Wal-Post