Out of the comfort zone / by Daniel Maissan

Going to Ukraine, Nepal, South Korea... creating human interest stories for organisations, foundations or as autonomous work, it's what I do, what I like and what I feel comfortable with.

But I also love to get out of that comfort zone. I'm not necessarily looking for those opportunities, but when they present themselves,I like the idea and I feel that little unease in my tummy, I often say yes. 

This week I had two assignments that I knew I could deliver, but I didn't expect. I just don't look for these opportunities because... well I'm out of the country to often. 

One of them was a commercial gig, including a different camera (tethered shooting with a Leica M is a bitch and besides, I needed a full 200 mm zoom) and studio lighting. So I rented the whole lot and had a blast for two days. Models, set dressing, the works. Can't show you any end results (yet), but I can show you some behind the scenes.

The other shoot was a festival shoot. Something that comes by a bit more often, but still isn't my core business. And this time it was at the beach... A place called Ajuma. It was great and I love the results. Easy enough as the music, food and atmosphere were all great and even the weather (except for the wind) didn't let us down. With the VSCO analog Kodak 400 filter it even got a bit more summer vibes if you ask me. 

If you like to see the whole selection, please check them here.

Next "out of the comfort zone" challenge will be in September when I do a wedding. Last time I did that is already a year ago. I'm looking very much forward to that one as well.