Exhibition / by Daniel Maissan


The rest of July and all of August, over 120 photos are exhibited at the Leica store in Amsterdam. 12 stories, the oldest dating back to 2012 give an impression of what I have been doing the last couple of years.

The exhibition is divided over six large flatscreens and photos pass by in a nice flow. One TV even has sound, so I decided to exhibit two of the stories that I create in pageflow as well, as they have a certain flow, text ánd sound.

July 18th was opening night and I was honoured that so many friends came to check it out. Even coming all the way from Rotterdam. As always on such nights, you totally forget to document a thing. Luckily Karin Kooij was there with her new Leica M10, grabbing some nice moments. Thanks a lot Karin.