General Data Protection Regulation / by Daniel Maissan

From the 25th of May, bureaucracy has found a new high. We now have to state and document that we are actually nice people who are doing the best they can to use the data they gather - which comes automatically when working with other people - will be used with care and respect. I can totally see this when it concerns large insurance companies, or data wholesale-dealers like Facebook. But with small one-person businesses, I just don't get it.

As these regulations and laws have many grey areas and lots is open for interpretation, I went looking for some sort of template I could use.... or at least people who understood more about it. Which unfortunately doesn't come easily. Most photography related sites and institutions have a minimum of 5 different articles on it, every time explaining another piece of the puzzle.
And it's not only about e-mail, invoices and address data, it's also about photographs. Because images - specially the ones of people - are considered as (personal) data as well, things can get even more complicated. 

I decided to give it my best shot and at the same time keep it short and simple like I did with the example contract that I borrowed of Segura. As I truly believe in the good of people and I sincerely hope nobody purposely tries to be a d*ck, I figured I would just state the obvious and give people an easy opportunity to opt out by means of an e-mail. So here I present to you, my privacy statement