The road to Malinivka / by Daniel Maissan

For the second time I've traveled to the Ukraine to document some of the work the Breath Care 4 Kids foundation does here. The first time was to explore and to get to know the situation.


But at the moment I'm here to document the story of Tania; a single mother who will soon be moving to the Breath house that is being build in Malinivka. Tania has two biological children, but also raises foster children that stay with her either temporarily - after which they go back to their parents, live with a relative or any other reason why they leave Tania's home - or until they are old enough to go and live on their own. 

This is an ongoing story of which chapter one has already been published online. Now I'm back to document chapter two. The story is made with sound in a pageflow, a special kind of visual storytelling that I'm experimenting with and a system I've told several stories with already.


Thanks Roderick Post, for shooting this one of me and Tania.