Mare / by Daniel Maissan


Every so often a new idea pops into my head for a new project. I get inspired, I need to get out of the comfort zone and I (re-) discover a photographer that shows me how it's done. 

For the last years I've been shooting reportage, mainly abroad. When I did shoot portraits, it mostly was in some sort of documentary style. 

With my new idea in mind, I went through my photo books, looking what would fit. Just like I got caught by the work of Steve McCurry and James Nachtwey, when I looked for documentary photography, I now got caught by Avedon for portraiture. 


The interesting thing is that when I radically change my way of working, all of a sudden my energy and the fun I have suddenly double. (So does my fear and insecurity, but I choose to ignore those as much as I can.)  

Luckily my friend Mare didn't mind posing so I could try out my new insights, background, a new lens and a new way of editing my work.