The Ukraine / by Daniel Maissan


Breath care 4 kids is a foundation that builds familie houses in the Ukraine, Georgia and Romenia. They provide (street) children with a more secure and hopeful future.

For this foundation, I will be traveling to the Ukraine several times in 2018, visiting some of the families that are benefiting of the work this foundation does. It is my aim, to capture their lives, their struggles, their hope and their pleasure. I believe, in order for the Breath foundation to do their work properly and gain the help from as many people possible, it's essential to show why this foundation does what is does.

This December was my first visit, and already I've seen what moves the people working for this cause. I've seen the strength of these families, the will to build a better future and I to have been stunned by the resilience these children have to overcome their worries and live like a normal kid should.