Exhibition by Daniel Maissan

This Saturday I had the privilege to open my own exhibition at Gallery Olivijn, which is part of Michelin starred restaurant Olivijn. Instead of putting on large prints on display, this time I decided to use smaller prints. But…. a lot of them. In total there’s a bit over 130 images on display, from different stories. Some older, some more new and all of them printed on a thick matte paper, nailed to the wall with thin pins.

I can’t describe properly how it feels to have all your images physically in your hand, instead of on the screen of your computer. And having people actually standing in front of them - wether it’s short or for a long time - is very different from seeing the statistics of your website visits or your instagram likes.

All in all… a good weekend.

Photos: Tessa van der Staal en Saskia van der Wal-Post

Heroes by Daniel Maissan

From when I was a little boy all the way up to when I was 20, I played the drums. I still play them now, as a hobby, for fun and a bit for exercise. As a kid, every year I visited a huge drum event, starring the greatest drummers and the newest innovations on drums. One of these great drummers was Steve Gadd. My hero. I didn’t have posters of Michael Jackson or Madonna, I was a real fan of Steve Gadd.

Now, 30 years later, I was suddenly able to meet him. Face to face. I even got to photograph him, while he was recording at the Wisseloord studio’s in Hilversum with Hermine Deurloo. Looking at this - now 73 year old - legend at work was truly special.


Karsang by Daniel Maissan

Dear Karsang,

I would have seen you this weekend before, during and after your second operation. But this morning I was heartbroken to hear you didn't make it because of sudden complications. It saddens me even more to know your father didn't make it on time to properly say goodbye.
It comforts me personally to imagine that you are free now... free of uncertainty, free of pain and free of hospital visits... you are free to leave this often ugly world behind and move on to where or whatever is next. To use the words of your doctor: This world lost a great human and a pure soul.

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Rijks Museum by Daniel Maissan

I couldn’t put it online until just now, but a while back I’ve spend a night at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where I was witnessing the first small steps of a big event that will start in 2019.

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Out of the comfort zone by Daniel Maissan

Going to Ukraine, Nepal, South Korea... creating human interest stories for organisations, foundations or as autonomous work, it's what I do, what I like and what I feel comfortable with. But I also love to get out of that comfort zone.

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Exhibition by Daniel Maissan

The rest of July and all of August, over 120 photos are exhibited at the Leica store in Amsterdam. 12 stories, the oldest dating back to 2012 give an impression of what I have been doing the last couple of years.

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The Ukraine by Daniel Maissan

For the Breath foundation, I will be traveling to the Ukraine several times in 2018, visiting some of the families that are benefiting of the work this foundation does. It is my aim, to capture their lives, their struggles, their hope and their pleasure.

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